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Primary Services

 Litigation Support

 Intellectual Property Rights Protection
 Due Diligence
 Market Surveys & Analysis
 Employment Screening Services
 Fraud & Corruption Enquiries
 Vendor Screening

 Corporate Ethics & Social Accountability Programs

 Grey Market Analysis & Consultation
 Asset Tracing
 Database Research
 Insurance Enquiries
 Internet Research (English & Chinese character searches)
 Integrity Checks
 Mystery Customer
 Brand Placement Examination & Brand Intelligence Research Programs

Overt and covert visits to vendors to confirm they are in compliance with agreed standards (examples of this category are underage workers, environmental standards violations and unsafe working conditions). Such operations can confirm activities such as kickbacks, conflicts of interest, or violations of company ethics policy.

These types of operations are designed to preclude potential negative publicity and subsequent consumer activism, resulting from the unethical practices of these subcontractors, which has happened to numerous brands manufacturing their products in Asia.