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Primary Services

 Litigation Support

 Intellectual Property Rights Protection
 Due Diligence
 Market Surveys & Analysis
 Employment Screening Services
 Fraud & Corruption Enquiries
 Vendor Screening

 Corporate Ethics & Social Accountability Programs

 Grey Market Analysis & Consultation
 Asset Tracing
 Database Research
 Insurance Enquiries
 Internet Research (English & Chinese character searches)
 Integrity Checks
 Mystery Customer
 Brand Placement Examination & Brand Intelligence Research Programs

Panoramic Consulting has worked on the full spectrum of litigation related enquiries with Law firms in Hong Kong and China which provides PCL with a clear mandate on supporting litigation in Asia Our litigation support primarily fall under one of the areas below:

Evidence Gathering PCL can assist legal counsel in building an effective case by utilizing a variety of investigative skills and techniques.

* Discreet Investigations
* Multilingual Interviews
* Observations & Surveillance
* Database searches

Asset Tracing - Through its extensive network and company associations, PCL can trace assets worldwide. In general, the methods and investigative techniques employed fall within two categories:

* Interview ex-employees and informants
* Analyze receipt and income records
* Search legal filings

* Telephone records
* Database searches
* Pretext enquiries
* Public records
* Surveillance